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Now That's A Miracle by Gerald Wright

Item: C-3044

$ 10.95

This book is a compilation of the greatest and most powerful events – the Miracles of the God of the Bible – that have occurred on this planet. Thus this book is by its very content a very exciting book. This book also has those miraculous events fully defined and cataloged according to the time periods in which they occurred in order to show when and why they were worked by God during "Bible times."

This is a book that celebrates the historical genuineness and redemptive purpose of the miracles of the Bible, especially those of our Lord Jesus Christ, recognizing full well that they are the cause and continuance of our faith in Him (John 20:30-31). And so we would persuade all men to accept Who Jesus is on the basis of What he did in his life, death and resurrection (John 14:11; Romans 1:4).

This is a book that compares the miracles recorded in the Bible with modern day miraculous claims in order to see if they are true and from God or false and from men.

Questions about Miracles: Here are some of the questions about miracles that are addressed and answered in this book. "What is a miracle? Is it reasonable to believe true miracles have occurred? Did it take "faith" to believe in true miracles? Can the miracles of the Bible be naturally explained? What's the difference between God's "Miracles" and "Supernatural Providence?" Can Satan or demons work miracles? What's the best way to prove biblical miracles happened? Did Moses really divide the Red Sea? Did Jesus really walk on water? How many people actually saw the miracles recorded in the Bible? Is their testimony trustworthy? Were miracles worked constantly down through the ages? Why were miracles worked? Are modern "miracles" really miracles? Is there any harm in believing in miracles even if they are not valid?" And many more.

If you would like to learn more about the author, email questions, or schedule a speaking engagement, please follow this link: Gerald Wright.

Now That's A Miracle by Gerald Wright